planogram automation simplified

Automating planograms should not feel like rocket science. Come take a look


Scale planograms across thousands of stores and painlessly monitor how much space is required, used or empty.

We're on the cloud

Seamless collaboration between teammates, partners and vendors. Every store's merchandising data will be at your fingertips.


Generated planograms not to your liking? Easily make changes to planograms using state-of-the-art editor or create one from scratch for a special occasion.


Integrate your other systems with Pogtale to supercharge your retail operations.


In addition to Pogtale APIs, you can use our Shopify app to display product locations on your Shopify storefront.


Create automations to run merchandising campaigns like Back To School or Black Friday.

Publish generated planograms, or manually touch up generated drafts before publish!!


With merchandising calendar and planogram automation, you can seamlessly plan out planogram changes months in advance.

Bird's eye view is useful to see when a planogram campaign ends and which aisles/bays belong to which campaign

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