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Product Library

A dedicated section of the app to manage and build your product library. Here you can upload your different product faces, enter their dimensions and use them in your custom planograms.

Fixture Designer

In this Fixture editor you can design your own fixture to the correct dimensions. This editor comes equipped with all desktop shortcuts to make the designing process quick and smooth. Try it out today!

Planogram Designer

Same as the Fixture Designer this Planogram editor comes with all shortcuts. Here you can import Products and Fixtures to combine them into a planogram. Even Read Only roles have access to the properties bar to view product specification while arraging items in store!

Mobile app

App Features

Planograms at your fingertips

Pogtale subscription includes mobile apps to view planograms on the go or in the field.

Be in the know

Recieve notifications on your phone when planogram changes.

Something doesn't look right?

Report issue to planogram creator from the field.


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