Planogram automation with Pogtale

Mrunal • February 04, 2022

Today is a special day for us. We are ready to unveil a massive update to Pogtale. Starting tomorrow when you log in to Pogtale you will see a modern UI, widely anticipated planogram automation features and more.

See below for more details,

Change logs

  1. Planogram automation
  2. API for integration
  3. Modern user interface
  4. Editor improvements

Planogram automation

Creating and maintaining planograms is time-consuming and expensive operation. In fact, It’s a major hurdle for small to medium retail chains when adopting planograms.

Planogram automation has the potential to be a great equalizer. It will place small and medium size retail operations at equal footing with big national chains in their use of planograms. You will be able to provide consistent customer experience across all locations.

To see it in action, schedule a Pogtale demo today.

API for integration

It’s now possible to use Pogtale API to build custom integrations.

Some possibilities,

  1. Connect your PIM (Product Information Management) or MDM (Master Data Management) system with Pogtale to automatically ingest product catalog.
  2. Connect your E-Commerce website or an app to display exact product location in any of your stores.
  3. Integrate your store’s inventory system to update stock levels, Stock levels can be used to generate optimized planograms for your stores.
  4. Automate the planogram automation!! I.e. automatically kick off planogram automation based on an external trigger. For example, after any changes to product catalog.
  5. Integrate your task management system to create tasks for your store level employees
  6. Integrate e-ink price tags to update or label printer to print changes between two planograms

We are just scratching the surface, possibilities are truly endless.

Drop us a line, and we will work with you to create integration that will supercharge your retail operation.

Modern user interface

Since picture is worth a thousand words…

Active planograms across all your stores

Aisle view of a store

Merchandising calendar

Editor improvements

We made several optimizations to planogram and fixture editor that will make them even easier and faster to use

Some improvements,

  1. Introduction of Pan tool
  2. Rotation and Scaling tool
  3. Keyboard shortcuts

and more…

We are just getting started stay tuned for more updates.

Contact Us for a demo or to request a full-featured trial instance of Pogtale for free!