Pogtale for Micro Markets

Mrunal • January 02, 2021

Using Pogtale, micro market operators can scale their business to new heights. We can optimize many aspects of your day-to-day activities.

For example,

Visualize the space

As they say, picture is worth thousand words.

You can create “at scale” design of your micro-market using Pogtale’s planogram editor. This will help prospective clients visualize their space. Professional looking planograms will leave a long-lasting impression on your prospective clients.

Optimize your operations

Once you create “at scale” design of your micro-market it helps not only to visualize the space but also during installation and daily operations. Planogram in Pogtale is a living, breathing and data-driven document. What it means is that by adding custom fields to your planogram elements you can convey information or instructions to your stocker or anyone else.

For example, Using custom fields you can track stock, pricing or any other information you can think of. Pogtale will bend to your will without any custom coding.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue by A/B testing product placements or pricing. A/B test is the shorthand for a simple controlled experiment. As the name implies, two versions (A and B) of a single variable are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might affect a buyer’s behavior.

For example, you can A/B test product pricing by setting different price for same product at two different locations, or you can A/B test product placement and test if combination of certain type sells more.

Once you incorporate Pogtale in your workflow, possibilities are endless.

Collaborate with others

Using permission levels in Pogtale, you can control what others have access to.

For example, By leveraging folder hierarchy and permissions, you can make sure your stocker can only see locations that he/she is responsible for. Or you can keep planograms related to holiday sales and special promotions hidden till the right moment!

Another use case is, By sharing relevant planograms with your client, client can view or edit product assortment in their micro-market.

Are you using Pogtale for anything else? Let us know and we will include it here.

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